Upon the strong need and provided opportunity of North-East Wyoming, the year of 2016 marked the beginning of a first-rate company: Seamless Systems. Cody Williamson obtained the idea to start such a business after the company he previously worked for, Windcreek Services, made the decision to close down. Due to his optimism and innovative abilities, he saw this change in career as a chance to pursue another path and acted on this occasion immediately. Cody began to perform some personal research and contacted various local contractors. This lead him to the discovery of a hole in the industry for a gutter contractor, which was the primary focus of the company in the first stages of its existence. Later, in January of 2018, a demand for overhead garage door sales and services was realized, leading to additional services offered by Seamless Systems.

While Williamson’s talent and dependability helped him find a unfulfilled essential in the surrounding community, it also resulted in the request by Windcreek Services that he stay on their team for two months as an asset manager, as well as to assist in the process of organizing and selling their equipment. It was during this time that Seamless Systems was established and even acquired a backlog of work to begin on right away! As said in the words of Cody Williamson himself, “I actually dreamed of providing a service to companies where I could work inside their business and help them create ‘Seamless Systems’ to operate on.” It was from this ambition that the fundamental qualities and the name of his distinguished company were founded on.

As in all things, hardships have been faced in the formation and maintenance of Seamless Systems. These have come to include traveling extreme distances for small repairs and not receiving proper payments for their services. In many scenarios, this company likes to operate on a handshake which can unfortunately lead to dishonest customers. For this reason, they request a 50% down-payment if the job requires a particularly large amount of materials. Despite any hardships, Seamless Systems possesses countless qualities that cause it to stand high above the mark of average. One of their goals is to remain open and honest with customers about scheduling and its fluctuations, committing to a policy of clear and sincere communication (answering the phone and returning missed calls right away). This business also runs on professional settings; they pride themselves with clean and organized work, equipment, and job sites, preventing the requirement job call backs. Seamless Systems is priced fairly, but does not boast itself as the cheapest contractor; instead, it boasts itself as the best.