Problems to be Aware of due to Wild Wyoming Weather

Living in Wyoming during the winter is always a daring adventure. The icy winds, the bitter cold, and the sheer black ice roads are a force to be reckoned with in themselves. Our homes are our sanctuaries away from the unforgiving cold. This is why we must be very aware of the conditions our buildings withstand in order to protect us from the harsh conditions on the outside.

 The biggest thing we forget about?

Our gutter systems.


Here are some problems we as homeowners and business owners need to check up on in the tail end of winter weather to prepare for everything from spring rainfall to spontaneous blizzard storms.


1.     Heavy Icicles & Snow:

The water accumulating in your gutter can damage your system by solidifying into icicles and blocks of ice that weigh them down. From this weight, the gutter can bend, snap, or completely rip away from the roof of the building. The building of snow on your gutters can cause the same event to take place. Checking your system for these damages after the bulk of the snowy season would be smart before the problem costs you even more in the spring season of rain.

2.     Clogged gutters

Debris left over in a gutter mixed with ice and snow can make blockage almost impossible to clear. The debris can compact and instead of the right elements flowing out of your downspout such as ice, snow, and rain, the debris will freeze with them. The backed-up gutter can cause water to overflow right back out of the other end and pool into unwanted areas that can cause foundation and siding damage.

3.     Ice Dams

While these can at times make our buildings look straight out of a winter wonderland building up on the eaves, they can be extremely damaging. These ice dams can impose many different levels of damage including loosening shingles, tearing off gutters, and causing water to back up and pour into your safe haven of a building or home. Water making its way into your home can cause an even bigger dilemma within, resulting in warped ceilings and floors, holes in the ceiling from the pooling of water, and a ruined attic plumb full of insulation.


The damage from these wild Wyoming winters can sometimes be unavoidable. However, the installation of a new reliable system from Seamless Systems can dissipate the headaches that threaten to come your way with the spring seasons approaching us.

Keep your buildings cozy, and the cold out.